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Green Dreams for the Planet Foundation (GDP) is an environmental awakening and sustainability action enterprise, focussing on climate change & sustainable tourism.

Climate Change Education

Climate Change

Long-term effects of climate change include further ice melt, ocean warming & sea level rise.

Climate change is here to stay. The effects of climate change will be felt by the planet for the next 2-3 decades even if all nations move to net zero tomorrow. Students need to be taught how to cope… to adapt to this new normal of extreme climate events. The need of the hour is to impart education on the science & reality of climate change for all students

‘Global warming’, ‘climate change’, ‘green house gases’, are all just words in the vocabulary and in the minds of students. Students need to get an in-depth understanding of these terms and the science & reality of climate change. Students need to learn, how we got here, what we can do to be prepared for extreme weather events, what we can do to mitigate the situation, and how we can build sustainability in our life

The Climate Change Education Project has been conceived a necessary knowledge imperative for the citizens of tomorrow


Here are some highlights of the project

  • The education will be imparted to students, both in-school and out-of-school through an e learning platform.
  • 40 hours of content per level, which iincludes videos, worksheets, projects, Q&A
  • Teacher training will be provided for the in-school delivery model.
  • Curriculum based on content from The Climate Reality Project – Al Gore’s climate advocacy company


The mission is large – here are some of the mission details

Stage 1: India

  • IN India, the total number of school students in middle and high schools is 115 million– 23 million in private schools and 92 million in government schools


Climate Education target coverage

  • Phase 1: 2.18% of private school students – 500,000 students, starting July/August 2022
  • Phase 2: 5 million students from private and government schools, starting July/August 2023
  • Phase 3: 23 million students, starting 2024
  • Phase 1 in English, phase 2 onwards in all Indian languages
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#RedOff - reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles

One of the first projects taken on by Green Dreams for the Planet Foundation is to help reduce green houses gases from vehicle emissions.

Globally, vehicle emissions contribute to green house gases, which are leading to climate change challenges. In 2005, more than 14% of world greenhouse gas emissions came from transportation (passenger and freight)1. Obviously these figures have climbed a lot since then.

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Carbon Footprints and Climate Change

Environment, Climate Change

Carbon Footprints and Climate Change

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At green dreams for the planet, we are looking for bright, committed, passionate individuals of all ages to come and work with us. the task is huge, the ask from us is even bigger.

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