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Green Dreams for the Planet Foundation was formed after the book called Green Dreams was authored. The idea was to develop a structure and mechanism to take forward the ideas that were born that led to the book. The sale of the book and its proceeds partly fund the operations of Green Dreams for the Planet Foundation.


The book was launched in Delhi in 2018.

Invite us to your sustainability events. Ram, our Founder, is a passionate speaker on aspects of sustainability in general, and environmental sustainability & holistic wellness in specific. his talks are based on based on his decades of personal achievements, like cycling across two countries, experience of two decades in the corporate world, and years of sincere study while running an energy healing & an evidence-based-functionally-integrated-traditional-health-system center.  audiences have found his talks to be motivational and inspirational. based on all this, ram delivers a passion filled talk titled ‘the cycle of life’

For expert guidance on sustainability strategies, consider consulting with our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). As governments worldwide push for sustainable development goals and climate action, having a CSO can future-proof your company. We offer consulting services to help you adopt sustainable practices. Contact Ram at

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GDP needs partnerships on multiple fronts to make its missions successful. The task we have undertaken in GDP is massive, the investment is small, and our shoulders broad enough to take up this responsibility! It will now help to get some support from people like you, to embark on this massive task.

We need funding! Here are some ways we are reaching out to the world to fund us….any ideas? Reach out and connect with us