Sustainable Tourism Training Programmes

Sustainable Tourism Training Programmes

Sustainable Consumption & Production, is goal number 12 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The tourism industry in general and the hospitality industry in specific are unmindful of these goals, which are essential for the planet. Consumption & production in the areas of energy, water, waste, architecture and the food/procurement chain are disproportionate to the value the sector adds back to the economy. 


To help the tourism industry move towards sustainability, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), a body started by the UN System, has developed standards for Sustainable Tourism. Green Dreams for the Planet Foundation is the India representative of the GSTC and offers all the trainings from the GSTC in India. The Founder & Chairman of Green Dreams for the Planet, CB Ramkumar is a Certified Trainer and  Vice Chair of GSTC.

GSTC Sustainable Tourism Course

There are two options to complete the training requirement towards the GSTC Professional Certificate in Sustainable Tourism: 3-day in-person training classes and facilitated online courses. 

In-person training classes combine trainer presentations, group discussions and exercises with hands-on learning opportunities, focused on practical insights into the GSTC Industry Criteria and the GSTC Destination Criteria, and tangible action steps to applying the Criteria. With our partners and trainers, we offer these training classes in various locations around the world. See a sample training agenda.

Our online courses, delivered as facilitated and interactive 4-week training, offer a convenient and cost-effective way to follow the official GSTC Sustainable Tourism course curriculum from anywhere in the world. The GSTC online courses are co-developed and hosted by TrainingAid, the STTP Program Partner. More details in this link.

Learn more about the GSTC Professional Certificate in Sustainable Tourism

GSTC Sustainable Business Travel Course

The course uses the four pillars of GSTC Industry Criteria to look at how to create a new model for of business travel that harnesses the real value of a sustainable business travel program that respects the new needs of travel.

Training participants who the 4-week online GSTC Sustainable Business Travel training class have the opportunity to take the official GSTC Sustainable Business Travel Course Exam, which is offered in an online and open-book format. Upon successful completion, you (as an individual) are awarded with the Professional Certificate in Sustainable Business Travel by the GSTC to demonstrate your knowledge of sustainable business travel knowledge and practices. Learn more about the GSTC Professional Certificate in Sustainable Business Travel.

More details in this link.

GSTC Sustainable Hospitality Course

The GSTC Sustainable Hospitality course is designed for hospitality and accommodation professionals, and provides practical insights into sustainability practices for hotels.

Delivered as an on-demand, self-paced online course, the GSTC Sustainable Hospitality course reviews the GSTC Industry Criteria with Performance Indicators for Hotels. It features expert presentations, useful resources, and real-life industry examples and lessons on applying sustainability best practices.

This course does not offer a Professional Certificate as the other courses.

More details in this link.

Applied DEI in Travel Course

The GSTC Applied DEI in Travel Course, created in partnership with Travel Unity, gives participants an opportunity to learn about best practices in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and have meaningful dialogues with colleagues from across the globe. The training covers Travel Unity’s DEI Standards for Visitor-Facing Organizations, which center on three Pillars: Management & Workforce, Visitorship, and Community Impact.

Delivered as a 4-week-long facilitated and interactive training class, the Applied DEI in Travel online course offers a convenient way to improve your knowledge in DEI, whether you’re new to the topic or are already engaged with these efforts.

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Accessible and Inclusive Travel Course

The GSTC Accessible and Inclusive Travel Course is designed to empower participants with essential knowledge and skills to tap into the thriving accessible and inclusive travel market segment. This comprehensive course goes beyond dispelling myths, providing participants with a deep understanding of the diverse needs and desires of individuals with disabilities and access needs. By gaining insights into the makeup of this market segment and learning practical tips for catering to different functional and cognitive impairments, including senior travelers, participants will enhance their confidence in providing exceptional experiences. This course equips participants with the tools to attract, serve, and retain customers with access needs, setting them apart from competitors.

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