Work With Us

At Green Dreams for the Planet, we are looking for bright, committed, passionate individuals of all ages to come and work with us. The task is huge, the ask from us is even bigger.

We are looking for individuals who can help with :-

  • Our web site: we need an individual who can help manage the website, perform regular updates and plan pages and overall web strategy
  • Social media platforms: an individual who understands all social media platforms fully. leveraging social media to ensure the spread of awareness is the task.
  • Student activity: students are at the heart of our advocacy strategy. we need individuals who understand how to motivate involvement of the youth, plan engagement strategies, enlist institutions for our workshops, etc.
  • Project planning & implementation: we aspire to do a lot of climate¬†change mitigation & adaptation projects. All projects start with an extensive research study that needs to be planned and executed. Individuals who have an appetite for this should get in touch with us.

While your qualification is not as important as your passion, we are looking for students and professionals from environmental sciences & climate change to assist with our projects and specific technical aspects of the tasks.

Guarantees: satisfaction, exposure, broadening of the mind and a sense of accomplishment.

If your vision guides you towards us, then write to us directly:

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